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Kym Moore (Director/Educator/Playwright/Producer) is co-founder/co-artistic director of Antigravity Performance Project and Professor of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies at Brown University. Moore’s directing style is grounded, yet imaginative. An interest in String Theory, Intersectionality, and Quantum Physics shape her approach to crafting performance. Her works are designed to reveal the multi-sensory, multi-dimensional, and mythic dimensions of reality. Moore is a highly skilled artisan and wily magician of theatrical expression. Her well-honed sense of craft and keen understanding of the materials of theater (actor, text, space, light, sound, etc.) grounds and elevates her work beyond the ordinary. Moore’s aesthetic is designed to feed all of the senses as she creates a multisensory experience for the audience that is hard to forget: “Your Romeo and Juliet changed my whole idea of what theater could be!” exclaimed a now professional lighting designer who had seen her production when he was an undergraduate 30 years ago!
In a recent production of Miss Julie (Chain Theatre, NYC) critic Natalie Rine, OnStageBlog notes: “Overall Kym Moore’s direction is crisp and snappy with not a minute wasted. In Moore’s masterful hands, Miss Julie is a stirring invitation to wake up, an invigorating exploration of choice and consequence, gender and class, freewill and authority that will make you will want to lean forward in your chair to not miss a beat.”
Attention to detail, clear storytelling, imaginative and cohesive design is her hallmark. Experienced. Forthright. Authentic. And Committed to Justice for All! Let’s collaborate on something soon!! Peacefully.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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